World News – UK – William and Kate greet two tiny guests during the final virtual call


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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were joined by two very small and adorable guests during their last video call who were supporting a charity that helps firstfathers.

William and Kate spoke to four beneficiaries of the Future Men’s Fathers Program, a London-based charity that helps fathers develop their trust as parents at every stage of their child’s development.

Peter and Graeme, who both became fathers for the first time this year, introduced their young sons to the royal couple during the virtual chat and discussed the challenges of becoming parents during the lockdown.

Papa Graeme talked about his son Liam and said to the Duke and Duchess: « His hobbies are drooling. . . and he’s a pretty vocal little guy. « 

« Hello Liam! » Kate said and waved. « Is this his first Zoom call? » When it was confirmed, the Duke and Duchess laughed as Liam looked back, slightly startled.

The Duke and Duchess then met Peter’s son Elliot, who was born in June. Peter admitted that being unable to interact with other families due to pandemic restrictions had been difficult.

Future Men supports around 500 fathers and their partners each year and has continued the entire lockdown through virtual one-on-one sessions. Tips on how to deal with pressure were exchanged, their feelings were openly discussed and they continue to offer the best possible care for their children in difficult times.

Last February, Prince William attended a charity-run Future Dads self-care session to learn how the program supports families with hands-on guidance, advice and support for men.

Talking about the fears and anxieties that arise when a baby is out, William told the group, « The fear of having a newborn is very vulnerable and that’s what you worry about most of the time and think about what And that’s the thing, isn’t it? It’s very daunting how small they are when they first arrive. « 

He added, « You are so fragile and everything is so tiny, your pinky fingers and toes. They feel like if you move them too much they will almost break, but they won’t! « 

The Duke and Duchess are working to reduce mental health stigma as part of the Royal Foundation’s Heads Together campaign.

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World News – UK – William and Kate greet two little guests during the final virtual call
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge greeted two very adorable guests during the last virtual call
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William and Kate greet two little guests during the last virtual call



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