World News – UK – Prince William and Kate talk to new parents about the ups and downs of fatherhood


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The Duke of Cambridge raised concerns about new fathers when he and Kate spoke to new parents.

William said he was concerned that some fathers « don’t know where to go » when he and Kate spoke to the group who took paternity classes from Future Men, a London-based charity that Guidance to men and boys.

The Duchess is committed to advocating children’s development in their early years, and the results of her landmark national survey on the matter are expected in the coming days.

During a video call, William asked the fathers, « How does Future Men find some of these other guys out there who don’t have the Knowledge, or the bare minimum, if you want to search and be able to find services like Future Men to build on a happy future as a father?

« Because I’m very worried, a lot of dads out there who just don’t know what to do and they don’t know where to go. « . And they may not have that good foundation, foundation, or support to know what to do. ”

Future Men offers a range of courses that help with various aspects of fatherhood, from improving father-child relationships to teaching practical and emotional approaches to helping men take care of themselves, their partner and their baby can.

The men described their experiences with fatherhood from dealing with their child’s sleep patterns to being a positive role model when Kate asked them about the challenges of family life, especially during lockdown.

Sarit Chaturvedi said, « Parenthood is probably the only kind of work, if it can be called (a work) – it is a very, very difficult task – that we are not given a practical approach. « .

« You know, every other job you put in will show you the ropes. At the time when you are completely new to it, being a parent for the first time is very scary. ”

Earlier this year, William and Kate joked about their home schooling experience for their three young children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, and the Duchess said she found it « challenging ». .

When one of the fathers said he knew many men who did not know about Future Men paternity courses but were interested, Kate said it was a « shame » that similar services were not widely available.

The Duchess added, « Fathers play such an important role that it shouldn’t be bad to ask for help and advice. ”

In a lighter moment, Graeme Mackenzie, to whom his eight-month-old son Liam came along towards the end of the video chat, said, “The best thing I like about being a dad is sniffing him and getting the new one Baby smell. ”

Peter Sen, who also introduced his first child, son Elliott, to the group, said, “I think it was a blessing and a curse to be at home in lockdown. A blessing that I can see every part of his development and that’s a real joy and no matter how bad or bad he sleeps, he always wakes up with a big smile on his face. ”

When the fathers brought out their sons, William and Kate could not hide their parental instincts and smiled. Mr. Mackenzie said, « His hobbies are drooling and he’s a pretty vocal little guy too, isn’t he? »

Kate waved and said « Hello Liam » then asked « Is this his first Zoom call? » and the Duke and Duchess laughed when they were told it was.

Mr Sen said he missed interacting with other families and the Duchess sympathized, responding, “It must be so hard to have a newborn because of lockdown. ”

When William asked the men if their communities and society valued being a father, Darren Smith, married to a son named Messiah, said, “I firmly believe that I, especially for myself as a younger man Father, I am I think I have a powerful influence on you, the community, the society around me . . .

« We are superheroes for these children, we are their role models. You know, they see us as « OK, I want to be like this Dad ». . My son tells me every day, « Dad, I want to be like you. « . ”

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World News – UK – Prince William and Kate discuss the ups and downs of fatherhood with new parents



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