World news – The home mother and child report and government response is « whitewash, » says Boyd Barrett


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The MOTHER AND Baby Home report and government response are starting to look like « fraud, insult and whitewash, » according to Richard Boyd Barrett of People Before Profit.

Boyd Barrett, who is in a mother-and-child system was born, told the Taoiseach today that some of his comments yesterday were aimed at lessening the responsibility of the state and the church and transferring them to society as a whole.

Micheál Martin said yesterday afternoon after the long-awaited release Final report from the Maternity and Baby Homes Commission that it « opens a window into a deeply misogynistic culture in Ireland » and highlights « a dark, difficult and shameful chapter ». .

The report describes the experiences of women and children who lived in 14 maternity and baby homes and four county homes between 1922 and 1998 – a sample of the total number of homes.

It confirms that approximately 9,000 children in the 18 houses examined died – about 15% of all children who were in the facilities.

« The regime described in the report was not imposed on us by any foreign power, » the Taoiseach said yesterday.

During the first questions from executives of the year, Martin said he was concerned that his statement yesterday would be presented in a certain light.

Martin said in his government offices yesterday: “He has not tried in any way To diminish the role of the church or the state. I’ve been talking about the perverse code of ethics that oversees the church, which I believe is responsible for their attitudes toward sexual morality. “

He said this is at the heart of forcing women and mothers into mother and baby homes.

The report into the homes of mother and child is a deception, a whitewash and an insult to all survivors . # Dail #MotherandBabyHome #motherandbabyhomes @ pb4p

Boyd Barrett also questioned the report itself, stating that some sections “displace guilt and responsibility from the institutions of the church and the state and somehow they do to “society as a whole”.

« I’m sorry to say that. Some of the sentences in the summary are unacceptable and should frankly be withdrawn, » he said.

Every single woman, who went to these houses was in jail, he said, adding that this was sanctioned by local authorities at the time.

Martin addressed a previous issue raised by Taoiseach, Housing, and said his party has been responsible for the supply of housing since the 1930s.

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Boyd Barrett told the Taoiseach that he hoped to take responsibility as quickly as women in maternity and baby homes on behalf of his party, which has been in power most of the time.

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