World news – Baby shark with a « human face » looks scary like a YouTube viral character


An Indonesian fisherman claims he caught a shark with « jaws » dripping human features – making it a dead alarm clock for the famous cartoon character.

Abdullah Nuren, 48, told local media that he and his brother accidentally caught a pregnant shark in their nets the Saturday before Pepela and found three pups when they cut them open.

« Two were like the mother and she looked like she had a human face « He told reporters, according to the local VIVA outlet.

The pictures show large human-like eyes and an expressive mouth on the dead puppy that is smaller than a human hand.

« My home was full of people who want to see the shark, » Nuren said of the creature which is strikingly similar to the character from Baby Shark Dance, which has now been viewed more than 8 billion times.

“A lot of people want to buy it, but I’ll save it instead. I think it will bring me good luck, ”he said on

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