World News – AU – Parkinson’s Breakthrough: New « Life Changing » Drug Could Soothe Involuntary Ticks


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Scientists are starting human trials with a « life-changing » drug that can alleviate the involuntary and irregular « jerking » caused by Parkinson’s medication. Here’s the latest on the groundbreaking research.

The drug NLX-112 has the potential to reduce dyskinesias and « improve the movement symptoms of Parkinson’s, » said Parkinson’s in the UK.

The research organization stated, « Dyskinesias are involuntary, irregular, writhing movements of the face, arms, legs, or trunk.

Parkinson UK reported that up to 50 percent of Parkinson’s patients had dyskinesia after taking levodopa for five years.

Currently, the charity reports that most Parkinson’s patients prefer to deal with the troublesome side effects of levodopa rather than being unable to move.

For some people, however, dyskinesia can be a debilitating side effect when trying to manage their condition.

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« The side effect started five years ago but has been increasing recently and I have had mental health problems as a result.

« I can handle the stiffness, but it’s the twitching motions that embarrass me most. It really brings me down. « 

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NLX-112 stabilizes serotonin brain cells that are otherwise believed to convert levodopa to dopamine and release it in an irregular manner.

It is this random release of dopamine that may contribute to the twitching movements associated with dyskinesias.

For a year, the drug was tested in monkeys with Parkinson’s-like symptoms who had developed dyskinesia in response to levodopa.

As reported in The Times, the investigation is now moving on to the next phase – human trials.

This development follows the 1½ million. GBP deal between the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in New York and Parkinson’s in the UK.

Michael J Fox Foundation executive director Todd Sherer commented on the latest development.

Sherer said, « This collaboration with Parkinson’s in the UK is about pooling our resources to advance this promising therapeutic approach to Neurolixis as quickly as possible. « 

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World news – AU – Parkinson’s breakthrough: New « life-changing » drug could calm involuntary ticks



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