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Ranvir Singh and her professional dance partner Giovanni Pernice have incredible chemistry on the ballroom floor – and even their colleagues at Good Morning Britain noticed it

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Good Morning Britain presenter Ranvir Singh and her professional partner Giovanni Pernice lit the ballroom for Strictly Come Dancing.

The couple topped the list after week three and received high praise from the judges and fans at home after their impressive performance last week.

Ranvir and Giovanni still scored an impressive 20 points and were called « fabulous » by judge Anton Du Beke.

The 43-year-old stated, « I copy myself a lot, but Strictly kindles a little pride in what my body can do while getting sick. I think that’s the joy of Strictly.

« Being on Strictly is a big moment in everyone’s life. It’s invigorating, it’s exhilarating, and you feel incredibly happy. « 

Mother of One fans have also noticed her sizzling chemistry with her pro partner, including her GMB co-host Piers Morgan.

After asking Ranvir about her and Giovanni’s « magic », he joked that the so-called « Strictly Curse » was returning – but insisted that they were both single, it wasn’t a curse.

The presenter also teased his co-star about whether or not romance was an option for her.

Ranvir laughed at Piers’ comments, while Susanne Reid insisted that it would be a « blessing » and not a curse if something happened between the two of them.

However, Ranvir admitted that Giovanni « sizzled on his own » as she talked about her intimate dance moves on the show.

She added, « He doesn’t need me in the room, he’s a 30 year old hot Italian. He’s sizzling around. « 

Ranvir is a single mother to her young boy after her marriage to his father and ex-husband Ranjeet Singh Dehal collapsed.

The couple married in 2012, but reportedly split up some time ago because the ITV presenter didn’t put her personal life in the spotlight.

She announced she was single when it was announced that she would appear on Strictly’s 2020 series.

Ranvir seemed to be hinting that she had found something incriminating on a partner’s phone when discussing with her co-host, Ben Shephard, whether or not you should check your partner’s device.

She admitted that she « checked » a partner’s phone « once » before Ben asked if it was why they were no longer together.

The Political Editor said, « I can’t answer that question, but I’ve always thought that if you ever feel like you need to because you obviously don’t trust this person, the relationship is over. « 

Ranvir has always refused to discuss the reasons for the marriage breakdown for their young son.

The devoted mother and her little boy are extremely close, she says, because it’s only the two of them at home.

However, she said she has an overwhelming fear when it comes to being a single mother.

Ranvir stated, « I get pretty tearful at times and I worry that when he grows up he will hate me because I’ve never been there. « 

The GM host also confessed to feeling guilty about not being there early in the morning to take her son to school due to her busy schedule.

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World News – GB – Ranvir Singh’s « magic » with Giovanni after a « tearful » confession

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